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Welcome to Taisei International U.S. Corporation. Our commitment of dedicated service and offering quality steel products are based on the high standards established by our parent company Taisei International Corporation.

It is our firm belief that service does not end with the fulfillment of an order, but rather, it signifies the beginning of a long-term mutual business partnership.

Our goal at Taisei International U.S. Corporation is to assist our business partners by sourcing, offering and securing steel products with unmatched quality at industry competitive pricing.

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About our Services

In the rapidly evolving industrial and automotive industries, the focus on quality, service and timely delivery has never been more critical. That is why Taisei International U.S. Corporation strives to keep our business partners updated on all of our factory's changing capability, product and capacities. This will insure our business partners are receiving only the best possible product offers and are being updated on the status of all orders.

We systematically evaluate our producers and mills, to insure they have the same commitment to quality, service and continual improvement to provide superior steel products.

Domestic Imported Products

Taisei International U.S. Corporation gladly invites you to inquire about our line of products.

• Hot Rolled Sheets/Plates/Coils
• Cold Rolled Sheets/Plates/Coils
• Galvanized Sheets/Coils
• Hot Rolled Plates
• Deformed Bars
• Wire Rods/Coils
• H Beams
• Pipes
• Fastener
• Automotive parts

Grade categories for our products are: Prime, Secondary, Overrolls, Excess Stock, Off-Grades. If you are seeking products not mentioned, please send your special inquiries, along with specifications, size dimensions, required quantities, and any special procurement terms and conditions to for a timely quote and feedback.

Foreign Export
Taisei International U.S. Corporation's territory for exportable steel products is primarily Asia. We welcome offers of any Prime, Excess, Stock and Secondary materials for our customers in the Asian countries.
Please send details of your export offers to

Company Outline
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Taisei International U.S. Corporation

June 2006


Paid-in Capital US$500,000

5352 Kenilworth Dr,
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President - Henry Nishiyama
Secretary - Lisa Yokoyama
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President - Henry Nishiyama



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